16h45-17h00 Welcome - Coffee
17h00-17h10 Introduction
Jan D'hooge & Frank Rademakers, Leuven, Belgium
Chair Lieven Herbots, Hasselt, Belgium
Maja Čikeš, Zagreb, Croatia
17h10-17h35 The Story of Vingmed – From the first Probe to visions of the future.
Kjell Kristoffersen, Oslo, Norway
17h35-18h00 Evidence-based imaging – good enough for clinical decision-making?
Alan Fraser, Cardiff, Wales
18h00-18h25 Myocardial velocities to deformation imaging and way further on.
George Sutherland, Aberdeen, Scotland
18h25-18h55 The story of Doppler Imaging – About Bernoulli & friends and the clinical applications
Liv Hatle, Trondheim, Norway
Chair Piet Claus, Leuven, Belgium
Jadranka Šeparović-Hanževački, Zagreb, Croatia
18h55-19h20 The key ingredients: Relaxation-compliance and pressures: clinical use
Chris Appleton, Scottsdale, USA
19h20-19h45 Wrestling with guidelines: What is important in daily clinical work?
Robert Naeije, Basel, Switserland
19h45-20h10 In the footsteps of giants - Where do we come from and where are we heading for: Will artificial intelligence take over?
Bart Bijnens, Barcelona, Spain
20h10-20h20 Adjourn
Jens-Uwe Voigt & Werner Budts, Leuven, Belgium

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